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Thanks for stopping by and learning about my artwork! I am Warren Lynn an Artist and Engineer. The goal of my abstract artwork is to entertain the viewer and instill some emotion while they observe the different layers and colors and how they are interrelated. When I create my artwork I allow my mind to be free to select the different colors and create unique shapes. I basically let my emotions of the moment do a freestyle dance on the screen using the different tools and colors as the composition develops into a finished piece of artwork. One movement builds on the previous in which I trust my body to place the emotions of the moment on the screen without any thought about what is happening around me. The art development process uses a deep creative part of my mind different than when I am writing or solving problems. Each of my pieces of artwork are unique and are influenced by something I recently read, viewed, or felt. Please have a look around and find something you like and purchase it from my print-on-demand vendor They do a great job of providing you with a great piece of artwork you and people in your life will enjoy.
Thanks again for stopping by. Have fun with art!
Warren Lynn