Artwork by Warren Lynn

I am an artist and engineer from the Los Angeles area working to create unique abstract works of art that are inspired by the world around me. I create one of a kind artworks using digital tools and imaginary concepts that deliver a stimulating viewing experience through distinctive layers, colors, shapes, and shading. All my artwork is created under the influence of a gluten-free diet.

Like many children I enjoyed drawing pictures from a very early age. One of my grade school teachers liked my work so much she took me around holding my picture to every classroom in school to show the other children. Not sure if that helped much. Around that time I entered an art contest on a local night time TV show and won a giant Tootsie Roll presented to me on that TV show. I got to be on TV with the local host. OK that was kind of cool. That got me interested in drama and film making classes in school, that was besides art of course. I also took drafting in high school with the intention of using my drawing talent to earn an income after I graduated. Great thought, but I couldn’t get hired as a teenage drafts person so I joined the military. I got injured and put up in the hospital for a month and a half. That painful experience made me rethink my career and I returned to school to get my engineering degree. I worked many years not thinking much about my creative side until I found the Internet and thought I could use my artistic talent and software development background to create websites. So I started that in my spare time when I realized that some of my website design stuff looks like artwork and I should do something with it. Unfortunately I got sick and had to take off work for about a month a couple of years ago and thought this may be the time to retire and work from home making artwork. That was my wake up call to do what I enjoy for a living before it’s too late. By the way I still enjoy being in TV and movies, which started from the one piece of art. I have worked in over 15 movies as a background actor just for fun and plan to continue to do that part time while doing my artwork.